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Boolean Operators

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Use the following Boolean operators to specify the relationship between the terms in your search:

AND all search terms in same document, e.g. customary AND right
OR either or both search terms in the same document, e.g. customary OR ordinary
NOT to exclude documents with a specific term, e.g. customary NOT statutory
( ) If you use multiple operators in your search, use parentheses to resolve any ambiguity.

Terms placed within parentheses are processed as a unit and are processed before the terms and/or operators outside the parentheses, e.g.

(termination OR dismissal) AND "statutory right" AND wages
requires words similar to termination or dismissal, in the same document with the word wages or wage and the phrase statutory right

(customary OR traditional) AND (recreation AND right)
searches for the word customary or traditional, the word recreation and the word right.

(Public AND recreation) AND (purpose OR use)
the word public and the word recreation, as well as the word purpose or the word use.

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